Snow Schools

Cape Smokey’s Snow School provides student-centred, guest oriented and outcome based lessons that promote safety, fun and learning.  Lessons are the best way for beginners, both kids and adults to be introduced to the sport. Advanced skiers and riders can take advantage of lessons to hone existing skills and acquire new ones. Lessons need to be booked a minimum of 48 hours in advance and are subject to availability. For more information email

Kinder Lessons

  • The best start on snow for your three to five-year olds. Set them up for success with lessons they'll love in the expert care of our child-friendly instructors. We focus on fun and play!
  • 2 hours
  • 3-5 year olds
  • 3:1 ratio

Private and Semi Private

from $75
  • Private Ski Lessons are a great way to build confidence and learn the basics at your own pace

    Are you just learning? do you have kids that want to learn? perhaps you and a friend would love a fun filled day at Cape Smokey.
  • 2 hours
  • 3 years and up
  • 1:1 up to 4:1 ratio

Discover Lessons

from $75
  • Discover Lessons are designed for people new to the sport of skiing or riding or for those who have not been out on the slopes for a few years.

    This is a great way for family or friends to be together and enjoy the beauty that Cape Smokey has to offer.
  • 2 hours
  • Child/Youth 6-18
    Adult 19-65
  • 6:1 ratio

Discover Next Turn Lesson

from $99
  • Discover Next Turn Lessons are available to those looking to move past the begginer area and expeirnce some more challenging terrain.

    The views from the top of Cape Smokey will not disappoint!
  • 2 hours
  • Child/Youth 6-18
    Adult 19-65
  • 6:1 ratio

Snow School FAQ

Taking organised lessons is the safest, most enjoyable and most efficient way to learn to ski or snowboard. Here’s why we strongly recommend the fun, active and hands-on approach of our Snow School:

  • You’ll build a strong skill foundation, based on correct form and technique
  • You’ll relax, have fun and build confidence at your own pace
  • You’ll feel safer, reduce risk of injury, form good habits, and get it right from the start
  • You’ll learn from the best, guided by qualified experts passionate about their work
  • You’ll have good company, learning alongside other participants of similar ability levels
  • You’ll have lots of choice, from private or group lessons, or multi-day kids’ camps
  • You’ll enjoy more time skiing and less time waiting, thanks to lift line priority and expert instructors who know how to avoid crowds and find the best places on the mountain.

The weather on Cape Breton can be extremely variable. Make sure you are dressed appropriately with warm clothing, eye protection (goggles or sunglasses), snow pants and jacket, waterproof gloves/mittens etc. If you have any questions, we can help over the phone with what’s appropriate. While we don’t offer clothing rentals (jackets, pants, goggles, gloves), we do offer excellent equipment rentals (skis, poles, snowboards, boots, helmets). Find out more about our rentals here.

We strongly recommend that you make a reservation by calling us on 1-902-517-0371 (in-season). Our Guest Services team will be happy to guide you through the process and answer any other questions that you may have.

Please check in at the Guest Services Desk located in the main lodge next to the cafeteria. Our team will get you set up and ready to go to meet your instructors outside at our lesson meeting spot.

It is best to arrive about an hour before your lesson if you require getting ready and rental equipment. This will allow you enough time to relax and enjoy your experience rather than be rushed before hitting the snow. Please check-in no later than 30 minutes prior to your lesson start time.

If you know you will be arriving late, or unable to attend your lesson, please let us know. Call 1-902-517-0371or email Groups will not wait longer than 5-10 minutes past the start of the lesson. After this point they will go for a run and check back in for you. If you will be arriving late, please give us a call in advance to avoid class disruption and any disappointment. If you are beyond 20-30 minutes late, please be prepared to reschedule your lesson.

All of our groups are created on the following criteria: skiing/snowboarding ability, age, and special requests. Our primary focus is to group people with similar skill abilities together. This promotes the learning experience, and makes for a more enjoyable group dynamic. We make groups based on age to encourage the social experience for our students. It is not always possible based on abilities to have exact matches in age, but we are always considerate of ‘age appropriate’ placements. Special requests will be taken into consideration, but will not always be possible. If you have requested a specific instructor, groupings with friends, or anything that goes beyond our regular grouping methods, we will do our best to accommodate this. Requests are dealt with on a first-come-first-serve basis and on a scale of importance. We care about where each student is placed and aim to provide the best groupings for all involved in our programs.



  • 1. Never skied before 
  • 2. Has basic ski mobility and can  snowplow with assistance. 
  • 3. Can snowplow stop independantly consistently, can turn.
  • 4. Can link turns on green terrain, can load chairlift, some parallel.
  • 5. Parallel turns on blue runs with good speed and control
  • 6. Controls speed at all times on all terrain.
  • 7. Confident, aggressive, expert skier


  • 1. Never snowboarded before
  • 2. Can slide and pendulum
  • 3. Can link turns on a Green Run
  • 4. Can turn on Green runs progression to Blue Runs
  • 5. Can turn on Blue runs looking for more confidence on steeps
  • 6. Can turn on Green, Blue & Black runs
  • 7. Can ride all mountain and terrain park

Please indicate skier/snowboarder ability above.
Final level classification is at the discretion of the Instructor


Please indicate a skier type for each student renting.
This allows us to set an appropriate binding release.


  • A type 1 skier prefers skiing cautiously and at slower speeds. This skier is most comfortable on smooth slopes of gentle to moderate pitch. As a type 1 skier you prefer lower than average release/retention settings so in the case of a fall your bindings are more likely to release. A type 1 skier is an entry level skier uncertain about their classification.


  • A type 2 skier prefers a variety of speeds. A type 2 skier will ski on varied terrains and explores different parts of the mountain. If a skier cannot decide that they are a 1 or 3 they are a 2. A type 2 Skier prefers average release/retention settings appropriate for most recreational skiing


  • A type 3 skier prefers faster speeds. A type 3 skier likes going fast and skis aggressive on slopes of moderate to steep pitch. Type 3 skiers prefer higher than average release/retention settings. As a type 3 skier they prefer higher binding release settings during a fall in order to gain a decreased risk of unplanned binding release whilst skiing.