Family Kayaking

Our Kayaking Rental shop is located at the marina, right next to where you’ll launch your rentals! Paddle solo, with a partner, and let the kids use our combo paddleboard-kayak specifically designed with them in mind!
The kid’s combination paddleboard-kayak is designed to allow kids to play as kids do! Climbing, standing, sitting, jumping off, and hopping back on is easy with this SUP-kayak.
Max weight: 120lb
Please check our Safety page for life jacket information. Children must be supervised at all times while on and around the water. Life Jackets must be worn at all times and are included in our rentals. Should you choose to provide your own Life Jacket, it must be compliant with Canadian Life Jacket guidelines. Our rental prices are set, regardless of wether or not you provide your own PFD. You can find more about PFDs according to Transit Canada Here.

Kayak Rentals

  • Single Kayak - Adults $24.99/hour
  • Single Kayak - Kids $17.49/hour
  • Double Kayak $34.99
Kayaking rentals are on a first come, first served basis at the marina.
Our Fleet:
6 kids SUP-kayak combo
5 Sit-On Solos
2 Sit-In Solos

1 Sit-In Tandem

Our rental prices are set, regardless of whether or not you provide your own PFD. You can find more about PFDs at  Transport Canada.

Kayak's Safety

You are required to wear a PFD on all watercrafts, including human-powered watercrafts.
We provide Canada-approved, brightly coloured life jackets to keep you safe while kayaking with us.
Important: In Canada, there are no approved flotation devices for children weighing 20 pounds and under. Transport Canada recommends that you wait until your child reaches 20 lbs. before you go boating with them. For further information, visit Transport Canada.