Mother’s Day in Ingonish

For generations, mother’s day weekend has marked a symbolic awakening of businesses on Cape Breton Island as families across the region engage in the annual tradition of taking mom “Out for a bite to eat” for Mother’s Day. It’s truly an exciting weekend, many restaurants and businesses that have been closed for the winter open […]

That’s a wrap on the 2022-2023 Winter Season

A sincere message from Management: We want to send our sincerest thank you to our dedicated staff who have worked so hard to make this Ski and Snowboard Season at Cape Smokey happen. Our incredible employees work hard all season long to bring the place we love to life and make the Cape Smokey experience […]

Friday night live: Viktor Dugandzic

We are thrilled to share Viktor Dugandzic with you, Ingonish! This will be his first time playing in Ingonish, so we thought we would get to know him a little more for you. Check out our Q&A with him, and come see him this Friday, July 8th, 5-8pm. When did you first begin your musical […]

Music with Brandon Collier

Hey, Brandon! Thank you so much for joining us this weekend at the ski hill! For those that aren’t sure if they want to join us, how would you describe your sound? I personally try to have my own sound. I take a cover tune and really put a twist to it. I’m a country […]

Music On The Marina with Jon Hines

Jon, thank you so much for joining us this weekend! Have you always had an interest in guitar? I’ve always had an interest, trying to pick and play chords at 6 or 7. I remember watching Jimi Hendrix at about that age, and his star-spangled banner rendition. But it wasn’t until about 16 that I […]

Music On The Marina With Steve MacIntyre

Hey, Steve! Saturday is going to be great! Let’s find out a bit more about your background, so our listeners have some insight before listening to your great music. When did you first begin your musical journey (what started your interest)? I started playing guitar when I was 12. My father had a large record […]

Vendor Spotlight: HardyWares Jams

When Cape Smokey began envisioning what we wanted the gift shop to look like, Martin had one set theme: Blueberry. Absolutely determined to incorporate this Nova Scotia favourite flavour into SOMETHING, our CEO spent more than a year in search of a local company that could work with us to create tasty blueberry treats for […]

Music On The Marina with Darrell Keigan

We can’t wait to host you at the Ingonish Marina this Saturday, Darrell! Can you tell us a little about your musical upbringing? Our house was filled with music from a young age. My mother and father both sang, and dad played the guitar. Have you always gravitated towards the guitar or have there been […]

Music On The Marina with DJ Dan

Hey, Dan! We are thrilled to have you join us this weekend at the Ingonish Marina. You’ll be our first DJ to play for us here, so we thought we would shoot off a few fun questions for you to answer. We can keep it short and to the point, so our readers can get […]

Smokey Brews at 2 Crows

When we discovered that our Cape Smokey Brewery building would be delayed in construction due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, our Brewmaster began the hunt for a plan B. Located in downtown Halifax, 2 Crows Brewing Co. became his answer. Jan Tzril literally walked up and pitched a collaboration idea. Jeremy Taylor, 2 Crows Master […]