Cape Smokey Card

Cape Smokey is integrating technology called RFID (radio-frequency identification). The era of the paper ticket is now behind us. In order to be more sustainable, we now use rechargeable Cape Smokey Cards based on RFID technology. How does it work? We explain everything here.

Use of the Cape Smokey Card in the station

Retrieve your Cape Smokey Card

In order to collect your card, you must first purchase a ticket or subscription online or at our new self service kiosk in the lodge.

You can buy a ski ticket online and print your Cape Smokey Card from the self service kiosk by simply presenting the QR code from voucher received by email (printed copy or PDF file directly from your smartphone display).  

Where to put your Cape Smokey Card?

Place your card the pocket of your ski coat, preferably on the LEFT side, as the gates have an antenna on left side. Modern ski jackets have a special pocket on the left arm close to the wrist intended for this type of card. The card should be the only item in that pocket, isolated from your cell phone, other RFID card (contactless credit cards, hotels cards) and electronic devices. Avoid putting metal objects in the same pocket as it can block the card from working.

At the gondola station

Once you arrive at the gondola station at the base of the hill, go to the gates. Walk smoothly through the gate. If your card is in the correct spot (distance +-30cm) from the antenna on the gate, the reader will detect the card and you will hear a sound to let you know the card was read. Do not stop. Continue through the turnstile. There is a motion detection sensor, that will follow your movement, so if you stop, the turnstile will stop moving automatically. Please do not push the turnstile, as there is a protection to prevent moving without a valid card, and the turnstile will lock.

If the gate does not open, please try it again and put your card closer to the reader. Otherwise, step away from the gate and a staff member will be available to help you.

Charge the Cape Smokey Card

Your Cape Smokey RFID Card is used for daily tickets, a season pass or for your multi-days bundle. You can keep it, it is reusable for several years, or You can return it at the lodge for refund, when your visit with us is over. We highly recommend that you keep your cards, as it makes it easier to buy tickets or passes next time. There is no need visit a customer support desk or self service kiosk, just reload the card online.

Online recharge

  • In order to recharge your card, go to our online store and log in to your account.
  • Make sure you enter the correct username and the correct email associated with your Cape Smokey Card or your previous web purchases. Otherwise, the product will not be associated with your card and it will not work in the station.
  • Once logged in, choose the product you wish to purchase. 
  • At the cart, select “reload existing card”. Select your card from the list or type in the WTP number from back side of your Cape Smokey Card.
  • Select ticket owner from list or create new one – yes, You can give Your Cape Smokey Card to any family member.
  • Following your transaction, the product will be automatically added to your Cape Smokey Card and can be used at the gondola station directly.

You can also reload your Cape Smokey Card at the self service kiosk or at the Customer Service counter in the lodge. You can also manage all cards and family members in the setting at our online platform.


Right now our kiosk are located in the lodge. In the future we want use this self-service kiosk outside close to the gondola station. 

If the gate does not open, step back and try again by positioning your card closer to the flap on left side. Otherwise, step away from the line and a staff member will be available to provide assistance.

Go to the customer service counter with an identity card and we can give you a new card. You will not lose any tickets or subscriptions that were on your card.
If your card is broken as a result of misuse, you will need to get a new card (fees will apply). If your card is faulty, it will be replaced free of charge.

$10 may be apply if your card has been lost or damaged.

Please no. This is an RFID card, there is a chip inside the card and tiny wires around all surfaces of the card, punching a hole can cut wires and break the antenna. In that case you will need a new card and fees will apply.

No. For summer operations we are operating with a barcode on non returnable paper tickets.

The winter climate can be hard on RFID cards so we choose to use more expensive, durable cards that can be used long term. The cards we use are also eco friendly and can be recycled properly. We charge a fee to offset the cost of the cards and as an incentive for customers to return the cards to us at the end of their visit so we can reuse them.